Atlantic Folk Trio Gives workshops to all instruments, ages and skill levels in the following subjects: 

La Música Castellana

Members Chuchi and María hail from Castilla & Leon, a culturally rich region of of Spain where the traditional music and dance is as flavorful as the food. With mirthful songs of celebration and powerful, earthy rhythms, this music is unlike any you've heard before.

Scottish Fiddling

 Son of Scotland's fiddling hero, Alasdair Fraser, AFT member Galen has a deep knowledge of Scotland's tunes and styles. From reeling ceilidh dance tunes to beautiful, sorrowful airs, these workshops will widen your repertoire of cool tunes and teach you to play more Scottish-ly.

Folk Music Accompaniment & Arrangement

Tired of just playing the tune over and over again? This Workshop of Folk Music Accompaniment & Arrangement is designed to help you get the most out of your melodies by using arrangement techniques and styes pioneered by other modern folk groups and composers. In this workshop we will focus on:

How to build your sets and make them interesting


What it means to play as a group

Talleres Infantiles

With a dive in to the world of music therapy, Atlantic Folk Trio offers a 45min. workshop for infants and parents inspired by the Gordon Method. These workshops engage the ears, eyes, muscles and brain of the child and help with the development of physical co-ordination, artistic sensitivity, and much more.


  Experience of live music adapted for babies

  Activities for the parents to do at home with their kids

  Opportunity for families to spend time and make memories/have experiences together


Ages 0-5

Conciertos Didácticos

In the spirit of adventure, Atlantic Folk Trio has constructed an exciting new concert for kids and families with a hands-on approach. With the modern world bursting with folk music and exotic cultures, Atlantic Folk Trio will take you on a journey of its origins, through traditional music and beyond.

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